Splurge or Steal: Gucci Marmont

We all know it by now. Every blogger has been carrying it for months - and well, I want it. But it's really hard to justify spending over $2,000 on a crossbody bag I won't carry every day. But low and behold I was at the mall the other day and peeked my curious nose… Continue reading Splurge or Steal: Gucci Marmont


Crab Apple Chronicles

This post doesn't need a ton of explanation... but basically we have a crab apple tree at the park near our house. Last summer I tried the first crab apple and it was delicious. This summer when I saw them ready to harvest I immediately went to make mini pies... Check out my photo story… Continue reading Crab Apple Chronicles

Travelling Minis

This weekend we are off to Chicago for four days to celebrate Tyler's birthday (belated!) so I hit up Sephora (and Kiehl's) for some of my fav minis! I hate checking my luggage on short flights, especially when we will only be gone for 3 nights, so I was very excited to see that all… Continue reading Travelling Minis

Getting Outfitted for Disney

As you all probably know, I am getting set to spend my thirtieth birthday at the wonderful world of Disney. I could not be any more excited as I have been bugging Tyler to go for years. And, I finally convinced him because it's my big 3-0! In my own true fashion I need approximately… Continue reading Getting Outfitted for Disney

Glamping Done Right

Before I met Tyler I considered camping to be a weekend of sleeping in a tent, drinking coolers by the fire with my girlfriends, completely unprepared, eating hot dogs and potato chips... and mostly spent tanning at the beach all day. Along comes Tyler and all of a sudden we are glamping experts. Gone are… Continue reading Glamping Done Right

Oops I’ve DUNN it again…

It all started with a dog bowl. Now my Rae Dunn collection is near complete. For those who don't know the infamous "Rae Dunn" here is a preview... Cute, right? Bet you want them too! This is actually the last few pieces I picked up for my collection. Before this I wanted just the dog/related… Continue reading Oops I’ve DUNN it again…

Splurge or Steal: Mule Slides

Apparently finding cheaper versions of trendy items has become my "thing"... who knew? I am sure Visa is crying since my credit card is finally not on overload - sorry, no interest payments here!  Anyways, I love a good fashion trend BUT I hate when things are soooo trendy and you know they won't last… Continue reading Splurge or Steal: Mule Slides