In the Kitchen: Rose Gold

We renovated our tiny little kitchen last May. It’s grey and white, with a matte black sink and marble counter top. I love it. But, after a long dark winter I need to brighten it up. I have a few turquoise accents, but what I really LOVE right now is this copper and rose gold trend. Mixed with some matte black, it really adds class and colour to a kitchen.

Here are some of my favourite finds:

For larger purchases, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a must.


For small appliances I love this Bella toaster and crockpot. As well as this copper kettle.

For kitchen accents I love this paper towel holder, cookie jar and geometric light fixture.

Items that might not get displayed, but are cute as can be: measuring cups and cocktail glasses.

And finally, some finishing touches.

I could not RESIST this fan. When the kitchen is hot, you definitely need this little guy cooling you down!

And, because I mentioned a matte black combo, check out this new matte black Kitchen Aid stand mixer.


Happy home accenting 🙂


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