Wedding Wednesdays: Playful Clutches

Wedding season is approaching. We have a few weddings to attend this year and I have been so inspired by all this wedding talk that I am starting a series called Wedding Wednesdays. Every week for the next few weeks I will cover a different topic, beginning with guest attire!

First up, sprucing up your wedding wardrobe. I get this a lot, a text from a friend “what are you wearing to so-and-so’s wedding?” Well, for the first wedding of this year, appropriately on April 1st (April Fool’s Day) I was pretty torn on what I should wear. Last year during the first week of April we had our last snowfall of 2016 – so this year is sure to surprise us again! I thought a maxi dress would be appropriate for an unpredictable time of year. So there I was on the Lulu’s website searching through maxi’s when I finally found the most perfect dress, with slits up the sides and an open back. But no surprise, it was black.

I thought about ways I could make this dress a little more Spring-like, but since my shoes will pretty much be covered I have to find a fun clutch. Today I spent the day browsing through websites looking for cute accessories. I am really into the Alexander McQueen-inspired clutches that are popping up in stores everywhere right now. Handbags are such a fun way to spruce up your wardrobe – especially when you wear a lot of neutrals like me.
I found a variety of cute clutches in all different colours and textures, and of course ones suitable for all budgets. Check out what I found below! I’m especially obsessed with the Minnie Mouse x Kate Spade one; a hint of red polka dots makes this clutch just the right amount of fun for a classy evening! (Tap the images for info.)


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