Splurge or Steal: Good Genes

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about the Sunday Riley “Good Genes” and “Luna Oil” combo set at Sephora. 

It’s such a hot seller it is sold out AGAIN right now. Lucky for me about a month ago I scored myself a box for $110 (CAD) and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. I love it but the price is high (especially if you buy the products separately). So you could imagine my excitement when I heard about the Deciem versions totalling $17 (CAD), and of course I had to try them. 

The Lactic Acid (I got 5% – which is the equivalent to the Sunday Riley serum – but if you don’t have sensitive skin get the 10%) is only $6.50 (CAD) and the Retinoids are $9.80 (CAD). It’s almost too cheap NOT to try, so today I placed my order for the “stealers” because I believe that good things don’t always have to have a massive price tag and I am excited at the thought of a $6 acid peel! (Literally the same price as my daily iced latte, so heck ya I am going to STEAL on this one!!!)

Happy shopping my lovelies!


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