Splurge or Steal: Mule Slides

Apparently finding cheaper versions of trendy items has become my “thing”… who knew? I am sure Visa is crying since my credit card is finally not on overload – sorry, no interest payments here! 

Anyways, I love a good fashion trend BUT I hate when things are soooo trendy and you know they won’t last more than a season. Enter: Gucci Slides.

They’re obviously gorgeous, I LOVE Gucci as a brand. I think they kill it season after season. But sometimes they kill it to a point where I still just can’t justify the $700+ price tag on a pair of shoes my grandfather used to wear when he was smoking.

But I still had to have them.

So I shopped around and shopped around. Found some at the Nine West outlet for $70, and a few different pairs at Steve Madden for around $80-$110. Then, I waltzed into the brand new Guess Factory store on Queen St West in Toronto and tadaaaaa… a pair of gorgeous mule slides for $29.99!

I’m telling you, I am on a roll this week!

They are gorgeous, they fit perfectly and they had just the right price tag for a savvy shopper like me. You can also buy them online right now, and if you are a first-time shopper on the Guess Factory website you can save 15% off and get free shipping on your order with the code: FIRST15FCA 

Note: the slides fit true to size, do NOT go up a size.

Happy shopping!


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